Network Cabling: How Do I Make The Right Choice For My Business?

Ensuring you’re making the right choice about network cabling is essential to the success of any business. Making it secure is even more important.

However, what exactly do you need to consider before making that decision? It’s a complex world, but let’s go over some basics.

What Is Network Cabling?

Business network cabling is the infrastructure that supports your IT network. They’re a series of wires connecting all your various hardware, such as computers and phone systems.

Cabling systems are unique to the shape and size of each business. A well-designed network makes for easy management and reliability.

Ethernet or WiFi?

The first choice you’ll have to make is whether to choose a wired or wireless connection and there are benefits to both.



Wired connections aren’t 100% secure, but they do offer less variables when it comes to security. This can help limit potential security breaches and make creating a strategy easier.


Speaking of variables, the last thing your business needs is for the internet to go down in the middle of the day. Ethernet connections provide a more stable source for your internet and phone connections.


There’s no doubt that Wi-Fi is getting faster. However, a wired connection will always have an edge when it comes to speed. Even with fiber optics and the best router, Ethernet will be the faster choice (if only slightly).



The main reason to choose a wireless connection is thanks to the flexibility it provides. It allows your team to work anywhere in the building, getting new devices easily, and utilize a variety of smart devices.


Having the ability to work on the move or using a mobile device, means time is saved multiple times every single day. The time-saving features of Wi-Fi can lead directly to money saved in manpower and productivity.


As mentioned in the flexibility section, Wi-Fi allows for the use of modern smart devices. Beyond that, there are even more features and solutions that only wireless connections can provide.

Other Considerations

Once you decide what type of network you want, there are more questions you need to consider:

  • Do you plan on scaling your business?
  • If so, when?
  • Do you have specialized equipment that needs to be connected?
  • Do you plan to make your business “smart”?
  • Who is using the network? Guests?
  • What would happen if the network went down?

Whatever choice you make, making sure you have a secure network cabling system is of the utmost importance. Though, the decision between which network your business uses is up to you; you don’t have to make that decision alone.

Livelinx offers tech solutions that adapt as well as you do. Our network cabling is the best in the business and makes sure you’re always connected to your most valuable asset: Your customers.

We also offer managed IT services so you always know your systems are secure and protected from cyber threats like ransomware.

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